Why book a Disney trip with a Disney focused travel agency

Why book a Disney trip with a Disney Focused travel agency

disney focused travel agency

Have you been to Disney?  Have you had the responsibility of researching all that Disney has to offer?  Have you Googled Disney Planning Tips?  If you have then you most likely know how much work is involved in the planning process.  Booking with a Disney-focused travel agency can relieve some of the stress of planning a Disney vacation along with added perks, specific to your travel party.  And it won’t cost you a penny!
Here are some of the top reasons to book with a Disney Focused travel agency such as Cupcake Castles Travel Company
  • Time Saver – the time it takes to research the ins & outs of planning a Disney vacation is outrageous.  If you have the time to research everything on your own, where do you start?  How much research is too much?  Who has the most reliable information?  Intimidation sets in quick.  You begin feeling overwhelmed & this vacation swiftly becomes a stressful situation.  You realize it is simply too much to do on your own & you begin asking other Disney “experts” for assistance.  You will find every person you talk to tells you, “You need to do this.. you need to do that.”  Everyone’s Disney experience is different.  Catering a Disney vacation to suit YOUR needs is what you are looking for.  This is where a Disney agency comes in quite handy.
  • General Disney Knowledge – our agents know their Disney stuff.  We are all College of Disney Knowledge graduates, have met with Disney’s corporate office & have been to Disney countless times on our own vacations.  We provide boutique-style service to our clients, assisting with many things from the quote phase all the way through to checkout.


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  • One point of contact – when you book on your own & have to call Disney to make any changes or get information regarding your package, you will have to talk to a different Cast Member each time.  We are there for our clients 7 days a week, we keep meticulous records & train our agents accordingly.  We are type-A planners by nature so we know how you feel about keeping all your requests & information handy for when you’re ready to chat about your vacation.
  • Accurate knowledge & advice on packages & where to stay – we have advanced knowledge on all the Disney resorts.  When it comes to deciding where to stay, we know it’s a tough decision.  We coach our clients through the process of deciding where to stay based on their family dynamics.  Staying in the right hotel is crucial.  Disney’s resorts reflect a different feel & level of comfort for each family dynamic.  Some clients may find that budget is an issue – we can help put you in the right hotel for the right price, with everything else factored in to that decision.  Price tags aren’t always the way to shop & we can explain why that is.
  • Continuous discount monitoring on booked packages to ensure the best deal is applied – we get up at the crack of dawn, 7 days a week, to be sure we are on top of all the latest discounts that Disney has to offer.  Without our help, the client will have to do this on their own.  At peak discount releases, Disney’s call center wait times are upwards of 3 hours long.  Who wants to wait that long?  No one!  But we will – because this is our JOB!  We are not doing this job as a hobby. We love every minute of what we do & are more than happy to be our client’s concierge agent.
  • Advanced dining reservations – 180 days prior to check in, we are on the phone making our client’s Advanced Dining Reservations.  This is all done after our dining consultations take place.  This can happen anywhere from the time we book your trip, up to the day before we book your dining reservations.  We ensure you are getting the dining reservations you want – with minimal effort!
  • Personalized itinerary planning & special requests – all families are different & we are experienced in planning for all types of families. We can tell you when to visit which parks & why.  What attractions to hit first, which ones to skip & which ones are sure-fired family favorites. Our experts have been on all the rides – we know our Disney stuff!
  • Careful attention to detail – while what we do isn’t rocket science, we are all detail oriented.  Not a stone goes unturned.  We take pride in providing detailed client websites that contain all the necessary information to get you where you need to be.
These are just a few things to expect when booking a Disney-focused agency.  Without someone to help you through the process, you may find yourself overwhelmed & tired with the entire process.  You are in good hands when it comes to booking with our agency. 

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