Walt Disney World Resort Vacations #3

Walt Disney World Vacations #3

Walt Disney World Resort Vacations


On the Plus Disney Dining Plan (DDP) during your Walt Disney World Resort Vactions, you will have two snack credits for each person in your family for each night of your stay. You do not have to use one per person per day. Without fail at the end of each of our trips, we are frantically trying to use up several Snack Credits (preferably on treats that travel well) before our Disney Magical Express bus arrives to escort us back to MCO airport.

Dining Plan Snack Options During Walt Disney World Resort Vacations

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We indulge in food novelties while at Disney World, because we can “purchase” them using our Snack Credits. While Snack Credits don’t require advanced planning it is nice to have an idea of what’s available where. When the mood strikes, you will know not to squander a Snack Credit on a plain old popsicle when you know there is a Itzakadoozie waiting for you right around the corner!

For those of you who are more visual (or maybe you have a spouse that you can entice by photographs of food), pictures of Snack Credit foods here. Here are full lists of food items eligible for purchase with Snack Credits, broken down by location.

At all resorts and most ice cream carts in the parks, you can purchase the greatest of all Disney World treats:  Mickey Premium Bar. Despite it’s appearance, this delicacy is absolutely NOT simply a Klondike bar on a stick… it is actually Heaven on a stick!

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Another noteworthy Snack Credit item worth special attention is the delectable Disney World Cupcake. Might I be so bold as to challenge you to the Disney World Cupcake Crawl?

These are our some of our other favorite Walt Disney World Resort Vacations snack credits:

Magic Kingdom

Main Street Bakerycinnamon roll, yogurt parfait, French toast loaf, Ice Cream Sandwich

Aloha AisleDole Whip Float (ask for empty cup to split one between two people)

Auntie Gravities –strawberry banana smoothie

Liberty Square Market –sweet potato

Lunching Padsweet cream cheese pretzel

Sleepy Hollow –liberty swirl slush

Sunshine Tree Terrace –Citrus Swirl


La Cantina (Mexico) –churros con cajeta

Kringla (Norway) –sweet pretzel, school bread, cloud horn

Boulangerie (France) –chocolate croissant, ham & cheese croissant, creme puffs

Fountainview Cafe –chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwhich

Sunshine Seasons –tiramisu, worms & dirt cake, strawberry shortcake

**you can also use Snack Credits at the fabulous Food & Wine Festival items if you visit Epcot between late September and mid November.

Downtown Disney

Cooke’s of Dublin –doh bars

Wolfgang Puck Express -brownie

Animal Kingdom

Kusafari –turtle brownie, brownie paw, elephant cupcake, tamarin cupcake

Safari Eggrolls –pork and shrimp eggroll


Something I ask myself before parting with my cherished Snack Credits is, “Is this food item something that I can purchase outside of Disney World?” If the answer is yes, then I forgo the purchase!


Please I beg you, do NOT waste snack credits on bottled water!  You are allowed to bring drinks into Walt Disney World Resort Vacations Disney parks. All the counter service restaurants will actually give you free large cups of ice water if you ask.  If you are a water-snob (it’s ok, we can still be friends), then I suggest you invest in personal filtered water bottles.  Another option is to arrange to have bottled water shipped to your resort before you arrive.  You can find the shipping address for your resort here.


Garden Grocer and WeGoShop will do your shopping for you and deliver the groceries to your Walt Disney World Resort Vacations hotel if you would prefer not to ship anything yourself.


We look forward to using our snack credits ALL.YEAR.LONG. I hope that you try some of our favorites listed above; You won’t be disappointed!


Happy Planning!

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