Packing list for Kids

Packing list for Kids

 packing list for kids

    Have you ever been on vacation and realized you could have benefitted from having a packing list for kids.  I am so embarrassed to admit I went on a trip with my children. I packed everyone’s bag well it seemed. I was supposed to grab clothes from the dryer for my oldest and well I failed to do so. We got there and lo and behold he went to changed into his clothes for the day and they weren’t there. I was so upset with myself. I mean who forgets the clothes of one child? It was that day that I realized I needed a packing list for each suitcase. I needed the packing list for three reasons the first reason was to actually figure out what we needed and the second reason was to make sure it all made it in the bag. The other reason why a packing list is a great tool is with the weight restrictions that are currently in place on most flights you have to strategically pack items in different bags. I have to put my shoes in my children’s bags at time to distribute the weight more evenly. The bonus factor associated with having a packing list is that anyone can help you pack.

Packing list for Kids

I decided I would create a specific packing list for my kids. They are getting old enough that they can either help me pack or pack for themselves. They love to mark off that they have the items in their bag. I even give them clipboards so they look official. You can have them  initially pack and then you go and check their work or they can go and check your work.  We are happy to share our packing list with you.

Packing Lists for Kids

Kid’s packing list  <——— click there to download your  Packing List for Kids .

It is easy to use next to the item that you are going to pack write the number of that item that you need. If you need 5 shirts you should have the number 5 by shirts. Once you have picked out 5 shirts then check the box next to shirts.

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