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Greenfield Village is one of the attractions you can find when you visit The Henry Ford in Michigan. Greenfield Village is located on 80 acres and the minute you step thru the gates you are immediately transported back in time. As you journey thru the Village, you are not only surrounded by buildings, automobiles, and designs of the past but by characters/people from these times.

While this may sound a boring outing for children, I can say that thought is farther from the truth. The children quickly ran from building to building taking in all the magical wonder of an era past. A life without electricity,game systems, or indoor plumbing is something they may have read about in a book or heard stories of but to really see that life was possible that way is extraordinary in itself.

Michigan Travel Ideas

Greenfield Village has farms and animals all through out focusing on how the animals helped people live,do their work and survive. They even have a petting farm where the children can be up close and personal with sheep,goats, pigs and more. Most of the buildings are open to walk thru and stores are stocked with “supplies” that would have been found based on the era they represent.

Michigan Travel Ideas

Greenfield Village also offers hands on activities including riding in a Model T, Glass pulling, a train ride, and many more fun activities. There is even a modern Carousel and a newly constructed play structure for a little time out to recharge and relax. With all the history surrounding you, there are plenty of photo opportunities available and you are sure to fill up your memory card.

Michigan Travel Ideas

While you “Can” see Greenfield Village in one day, I find it is more enjoyable if you take 2 days to discover all the wonders that it holds. Plan a vacation out of it and spend a day at the Henry Ford Museum and Take in a film at the IMAX Theatre.

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