Hinchley’s Dairy Farm Tour

Living in Wisconsin, (as with many other states), you see many different types of farms all over. You can drive by and catch a glimpse of it but, you really don’t know what is going on there unless you have seen it up close and personal. Some of the dairy farms around me offer tours so you can get a hands on idea of what working on a farm is like. We are lucky enough to live down the road from Hinchley’s Dairy Farm.

What is Hinchley’s Dairy Farm?

Hinchley’s Dairy Farm is a fully functioning farm. This means that they are actively milking the cows and caring for their animals.


The Hinchley’s offer tours of their wonderful farm from April (if weather cooperates) until October.

There are three time slots offered for tours each day; 10am, noon and 2pm.

Tour Costs

The cost for tours is $10 per child or senior and $15 for adults. School groups get a rate of $7 per child and senior and $10 per adult.

Scheduling a tour

The Hinchley’s ask that you call (608-764-5090) or email to arrange a tour time as each time slot has a limited number of spots available.  The limited number of slots per tour helps make sure that everyone gets the most of their tour.

What to expect during the tour

You start the tour by taking a hayride to the free stall barn to see a few of their cows.

After that, you move on to another part of the farm where you get a chance to milk a cow.

From there you head into the nursery where you get to pet the baby calves.

During the time you are in the milk house, they also do an amazing job explaining how the milk is stored and how it is than taken to be processed so it can be put in stores.  

After the milk house you walk into the barnyard and are greeted by ducks, goats, sheep, cats, and geese. You will be able to feed the goats.

After feeding the goats, and greeting the other animals you are able to walk into the chicken house and see the chickens. You also get the chance to hold a couple of them.  

As you move through the chicken house the kids are able to each “harvest” an egg (if any are available).

Once the tour is complete you will go back to the the starting point and they put out buckets of soapy water to wash up with before you head home.

Tips for your visit

*Due to the active machinery and the live animals it is asked that you help maintain the safety of everyone in your party by keeping a close eye on everyone (especially, the kids).

*Wear good walking shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy.

*Expect to be at the farm for about 2 hours.

*I suggest wearing sunscreen as well and bringing snacks for after the tour as after 2 hours on the farm your kids are most likely to ask for food.

Hinchley’s Dairy Farm is by far one of the best farm tours we have ever been on. I highly suggest that if you are in the area that you make a stop there.