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Herrington Inn and Spa

Herrington chicago

The Herrington Inn located in Chicago is located inĀ Geneva, IL. This boutique hotel is a slice if heaven. The hotel is about one hour from the airport. I do suggest you hire a car to get there. I was told there is a way to travel by train I declined to do so. I am not that brave. The fare was around $75. You can take the train to the city from the hotel which is a nice mix of the quaint and the hustle and bustle. I was impressed with the staff and the food was divine.

I had their Crab Benedict it was a modest $14.00 and worth every penny. The atmosphere and well trained wait staff made my breakfast an absolute delight. This would be an exceptional place to host a get together. I just read a book and enjoyed a good meal at a great price. They had many menu options under $10. I just felt like I deserved a treat and i am glad I had one.

Herrington Inn

Herrington Inn

I walked into my double room and i felt like I was back in an English Cottage. The room was warm and romantic. It featured a spa tub and a fire place. My room also had exceptional views of the water. I loved that the television was hidden. I am a huge tv watcher and the room inspired me to do yoga by the fire and take multiple bubble baths with their amazing body care products. I couldn’t have been happier snuggled into my bed with the fire in the background. I was sad to have to leave but did have the opportunity to enjoy their well stocked breakfast that was included with our room. I would highly suggest the Herrington Inn for your next business trip, romantic getaway, or girl’s weekend.

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