Girl’s Vacation Ideas

Girl’s Vacation Ideas

girl's vacation ideas

Do you dream of returning to a time when it was all about you? I get that opportunity every year for four days. I call it my vacation from work. I plan a trip with my girlfriend’s from college. We always need help thinking of  Girl’s Vacation Ideas because we are always planning for our family and our children. The first thing you need to do is plan the trip.


Girl’s Vacation Ideas

1) The Spa: This one I can’t resist and an idea that I fully took advantage of recently on my last girl’s trip. We had a wonderful time at the Inn and spa at Loretto . The purpose of a spa trip is to take advantage of being pampered. I know it is hard to imagine letting your hair down but you can do it.

2) The Sea: How about a nice house on the beach. You could rent a vacation property and just hang out and read books on the beach.

3) The City : In another girl’s weekend we decided to go to Washington DC. It was a wonderful Girl’s Vacation Idea even though I had a crazy experience. I highly suggest flying into a city. They have a huge array of activities, restaurants, and night life, and the flights are usually very reasonable. The transportation is usually easily accessible.

4) The Vineyard: I personally love a good glass of wine. I have to say my friends enjoy a couple good glasses of wine. There isn’t anything prettier than a vineyard. The views are amazing. You can usually find a bed and breakfast to enjoy the experience from. This is a great addition to your trip or you can come to a place where there are several vineyards in the area. I do say you need to include the cost of a van or limo into your trip cost. It is important to not drink and drive.

5) The Camp sites: I know most people think of camping and they think about going with their families. The mountains and a group of girl’s roughing it could be a lot of fun. There are many camp sites that offer modest accommodations. You can enjoy the lay of the land and take a true break from the outside world.

6) The Cruise: What could be finer than a mobile diner. I love to eat. I love the sun. I love a great cruise. This is an excellent way to gather your friends in one place where everything is already decided this is an all-inclusive journey.

7) The History Tour: I love architecture and history. I try my best to exposure my family to both however you never get to hear the whole story when you are on a family vacation. The girl’s weekend if your opportunity to go back in time and learn about something new to you. I went to Williamsburg on a girl’s trip a few years back. It was wonderful.

8) The Trip by Train: I thought long and hard about this one would i like to go on a trip by train. The answer is yes. How about getting off at a couple of stops. It would be really fun to just be driven and end up somewhere else. I would most like to do this in a big city or Europe. I like the freedom of just going for it!

9) The  Lake: I live in a neighborhood with a wonderful lake. I think grabbing a cabin at a lake community would be wonderful I went up to Mountain Lake for a Conference it was so nice. That is where they filmed dirty dancing.

10) The Ski Trip: I know snow. The allure of the white blanks. The slopes and hot chocolate. I haven’t skied in a long time but I know I would enjoy it. There isn’t anything more fun than a little excitement with people that you enjoy.

What are your favorite  Girl’s Vacation Ideas ?

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