Family Friendly and Free Activities in St. Louis

St. Louis has a little of something for everyone. From brewery tours, the arch, baseball and amazing food, it should be easy to find something the whole family enjoys. If you need a little help getting started with an itinerary or are looking for a way to see the city while saving money on admission, here are the top three free activities in St. Louis that are family friendly. From kids to adults, there should be something at these locations to peak everyone’s interest.


Family Friendly and Free Activities in St. Louis

St. Louis Zoo:

Kids of all ages will fall in love with the St. Louis zoo. Not only does it have hundreds of animals, there is a railroad, movie, and shows.

Some of the animal highlights include: Polar Bear, Sea Lions, Penguin & Puffins, Insects, Monkeys, Big Cats, Giraffe, Bears, Birds, etc. There are too many amazing animals to list.

Admission to the Zoo is free. Some of the activities (railroad, children’s zoo, carousel and movie, etc.) have a separate nominal charge or you can spring for the Safari Pass ($10 per person) if you want to see the above mentioned extras and more. It’s also important to note that the Children’s Zoo, Stingrays (on a seasonal basis), and Carousel are all free for the first hour the zoo is open every day.

Parking is $10 per car. There is also free street parking if you get there early.

Family Friendly and Free Activities in St. Louis

St. Louis Science Center:

The Science Center is another great option for the whole family. Although movies and other extras cost money, the Science Center itself is free. Parking is $10 per car. Kids can spend hours exploring all the free things the Science Center has to offer which includes digging for dinosaur bones, building an arch or checking the speed of passing cars.

Family Friendly and Free Activities in St. Louis

Grant’s Farm:

Admission is free but parking is $12 per car. Grant’s Farm is much smaller than the St. Louis Zoo, but it allows visitors to get up close to animals through its exhibits and shows. Grant’s Farm starts with a tram ride through the property to see animals roam free in a natural environment. In addition, adults can enjoy complimentary samples of Anheuser-Busch products at the Bauernhof.

Just don’t forget to stop by the Stable to check out the Clydesdales on your way out!