Busch Gardens: Water Country USA Williamsburg Virginia #summerfun

Disclosure: I receive complimentary tickets to review Water Country USA, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Water Country USA Williamsburg Virginia


water country

Water Country USA is part of the Busch Gardens theme park and I was lucky enough to be an ambassador for them this summer. I should say my children were lucky enough to have had me be the ambassador. I was provided with passes for the Busch Gardens in Virginia review and this review of  Water Country USA Williamsburg Virginia. So let’s get down to what I thought. I thought that this was a wonderful place to bring my three kids and my son’s friend. I was very happy with the options for everyone.

Our  Day at Water Country USA Williamsburg Virginia:

The day went like this… I drove two hours from our home. I parked in the lot, it was $15 since I didn’t have a season pass which I would highly suggest buying since you also get discounts on food. I was fortunate enough to take advantage of the free preschool passes that were offered which saved us some money and my complimentary tickets for the rest of the crew. When we parked we took out our cooler, there was a great place to eat so we had a picnic. I always eat one meal prior to getting into the park. The park opened at 10:00 which is snack time for my children so I had packed snack and lunch since we arrived at 11:00. We then had our tickets printed so we went to the gate. I would highly suggest printing your tickets. It will save you tons of time.

Colossal Curl

Then we went into the park and I was immediately talked into the Colossal Curl. I will quote my son, “It was Epic!” I will remind you if you go with your children you will end up going down every ride backwards. That was not epic for me. It was so much fun, but I did wish I had one of the speed pass bracelets because I hate waiting in lines. The little one in the picture couldn’t go on that ride so we went to find a slide she could go on. If you are smaller you have to wear a life vest which is provided on site.

water country


Then we went to watch the dive show  Aquabatics was so scary. I mean I could never jump off the diving board into that small pool. The kids loved it I closed my eyes until I heard clapping. Then we were off to the wave pool. I grabbed a chair and played where is Waldo. I mean where are the children it was just a sea of people. Then we took on that slide at the top. You got on top of a mat and slid down. It looked really awesome but I decided to be the photographer.

We went on every slide possible. We were supposed to leave at 5:00 PM but the kids were having so much fun we stayed for dinner. Dinner by the way was decent and came out to $10 a person. I did say not to dessert because it was pricey for me but normal for a theme park. I am just frugal. The kids convinced me to go one almost every slide possible. We had a great time. I have already been asked to apply for this job again. The only thing I would change was buying a $8.00 holder for my car key which I would have removed the remote and left that in the car. I would have put my money in there with the car key and left my towels etc in one place for the day instead of dragging everything everywhere. It was a pain to do that. The rest of the trip was really fun and I can’t wait to go again. I will however see if my husband can come so he will end up going down all the rides backwards instead of myself but on a brighter note I did have the pleasure of seeing all the joy on my children’s faces as we embarked on our slide adventure.

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