Travel Desk For the Car

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Travel Desk For The Car

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   We are gearing up and deciding on where we should travel this spring and summer. We love the new Travel Games for The Car so much that we decided we needed to make more. We headed to the Dollar Store to make this fun Dollar Store Craft. 

Travel Desk For The Car


Some of the the items that you need you may have already at home so make sure you check before you head to the store. All of my items were purchased at my local Dollar Store. 

Items Needed

Cookie Sheet




Pencil, Marker or crayons

Use the stickers to decorate the back of the Cookie Sheet. If you have multiple children, purchase different stickers so you can easily identify which Travel Desk belongs to each child.


We use our travel desk for the car to color on, race cars, play magnetic games. We also use the magnetic letters to spell words.

We also love to take it into dining establishments and play marbles and use silly putty. This is our go to travel desk. It cost only $3 to make and the kids love using theirs. You can add hooks to hold game cords if you wish. We have even glued envelops on them filled with their video games.

 back final

The travel desk is perfect because each child has their own space. You do not have to hear you are touching “my” ….. if it is on their desk it is off limits for everyone else.The introduction of the travel desk into our vacations have limited the amount of messes made in the car. It makes snacking in the care cleaner and safer. The kids put the snacks on their travel desk and they do not drop things on their laps or on the floor. We love our travel desks and we think traveling is now easier because of them.

How do you make traveling with kids easier? Share your Travel Tips below.

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